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Canine Sam


In 2008, Sam developed severe skin allergies that went undiagnosed with numerous other veterinarians.

His coat became oily and foul-smelling, his skin was inflamed and swollen, and he began to lose patches of hair due to the incessant scratching. He was miserable and I was heartbroken to see my K-9 partner suffer.

I was referred to Dr. Jean Greek, a dermatology and allergy specialist.  After an extensive testing procedure, Dr. Greek identified a dozen things that Sam is allergic to, many of which he comes in direct contact with every day at work and home.  Sam immediately began a series of antigens that were created specifically for his needs.

Within a few weeks, Sam was on his way to becoming a new dog!  Today, Sam's coat is shiny and healthy.  In addition to his healthy appearance, Sam's energy level skyrocketed since he no longer spends all his time scratching at himself.  Thank you, Dr. Greek! 

Officer Shawn Sholtis
Glendale Police Department
K-9 Unit / Canine Sam